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Autism Inspired I Love You Book!

Rock With Me Autism Inspired I Love You Book!

Rock With Me, Autism Inspired I Love You book is the first board book that embraces Autism, promotes acceptance and understanding as well as can be used as an educational tool to explain Autism characteristic to young children.



Kayla Monville

I am a mother of two beautiful and perfect autistic children. I have a Masters Degree in Special Education and have been an educator for 10 years in both general education and special education classrooms. I am currently teaching education to future educators at a career and technical school. 

I have a passion for writing, photography and traveling. I hope to give my children as many experiences as possible. We enjoy being outdoors and anywhere that it is warm and where there is water. 

The love for my children and my diverse educational background has driven my passion to provide a book that can relate to a broad range of families. I hope families can use my book as a learning tool for their child's peers as well as for their child to accept themselves and embrace the very things we love so much about them. 

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