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I Call That A Win!

Yesterday was close to perfect. We had a whole family day outside of our home and it was perfect. These are phrases that I do not get to yell at the top of my lungs often, and when the phrases come to life, it’s hard not to get extremely emotional.

When things go well… and by well I mean I don’t feel like I am walking out of a boxing ring with Rocky, my husband and I will say, “I call that a win.” Yesterday was a WIN!!! We did not know what we were getting into when we loaded the car with very little and drove about two hours away from our house to the zoo. I had an appointment near there, so we attempted a family-fun-day. This is also where my husband grew up, so we made a whole day basking in the nostalgic feelings. We drove his old neighborhood and let the kids play at his old elementary school. Both kids loved the day. There were no meltdowns, tears of any, and the little supplies we packed were more than enough. It felt surreal.

We even pushed it and stopped at Steak and Shake to grab dinner just to get everyone out of the car and realize it was closed to construction. We loaded everyone back up… read that again… we got everyone out of the car, walked to the entrance, it was closed, and we turned around and went back to the car. This is literally my fears in real life. Both kids smiled and got in the car like it was not a big deal. THIS WAS A HUGE DEAL!!!!! “I call that a win!”

We drove to another diner and had a typical family dinner. My son colored and my daughter and I tickled, and we attempted this meal in public knowing we didn’t have their IPads. We did not need them. They both ate their entire meal!!!! My daughter who eats like 3 things ate all her pancakes! We were so blessed they were serving pancakes at 5PM.

We then got in our car and drove 2 hours home and there were no tears. As I type this, I feel hopeful. I feel all the attempts to do things with our kids knowing it will be hard, and probably end in all of us melting down, was worth it. We cannot practice behavior if I do not give us opportunities to practice behavior. The next time you think, “I am just going to stay back” because you are afraid of what the day would look like, what other people will think or say, change your mind. Remind yourself you must put in the work, expose your children and set those expectations so you can eventually have a day where you sit back and say, “I call that a win.”

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